Aktuell: Theateraufführung am Samstag, 23. September 2017


Wir spielen unser Stück "What's the difference?", in dem es um Rollenklischees im Alltag geht- ob am Arbeitsplatz, in der Familie oder im Einkaufszentrum.
 WANN? 23. September 2017, 19 Uhr
 WO? Spektakel Theater, Hamburgerstrasse 14, 1050 Wien
 Eintritt: freie Spende

Who are we?…

... Spiegel dich! is an open lay group consisting of young people, who are united by one idea: Everybody is theatre! Our group evolved from a project that started during the course of a diploma thesis in the fall 2010 and has been growing ever since. Spiegel dich! is a playful group: its members come from different countries and continents and therefore speak very different languages. Every member is an individual with a different style of communicating, a special way of dealing with conflicts and manifold competences. This is why everyone can learn something from each other. Our experience with this group is: “knowledge increases when shared.”

What are we doing? …

... We seek through our work different possibilities of working up conflicts which arise from our personal experiences. Instead of working with rigid methods we try very different practices of dealing with conflicts. Our inspirational sources have so far been Schulz von Thun, Augusto Boal, J. P. Lederach and Marshall B. Rosenberg. We also have discussions about theoretical aspects and critical arguments about non-violent communication. Moreover, we try out various techniques of the Theatre of the Oppressed.

Why is our group called Spiegel dich!?…

... Our distinct backgrounds are a lively part of our theatre because we make use of this diversity to enlarge our repertoire of possible social actions. In this sense we are mirroring each other and shedding a new light on ourselves. In the course of mirroring other persons we also mirroring our own behavior and hence we practice critical examination of our own self-perception.


Spiel dich! [play a game!]: We use games as a fundamental method to try out different possibilities. In Austrian-German language there is the hint of “game” in the title of our group. “Spü di ned” means “be serious, don’t make me angry.” We want to reply: Don’t be all too serious! We question boundaries and try out new approaches within safe limits.